Thank You!

Now that I am finally at the computer the list of items I wanted to say thank you for is too long.  From the hours you spent on the phone with me, looking and evaluating various locations, to accommodating my schedule you were always positive.  I admired your strength, enthusiasm, willing to go along with suggestions and just doing things like mulching when we did not move quickly.  You just did it without an attitude. The flowers were lovely to the end.  Terrific how you attended all the meetings learning about everyone – you were seeing the whole picture.  You were outstanding and I would have no hesitation sending people to you.  Hopefully I will have that great honor real soon.  All the goodies, coffees and then the gift certificate for a night out and yes the selling on e-bay etc.  Did I leave anything out – the help from your “quiet”🙂 partner.

Dick joins me in praising your business acumen too.

Fondly, Clare and Dick