The House of Our Dreams

We were not planning to move, but when we found the house of our dreams we found ourselves buying a new house before even having the house we were living in ready to sell. Aliza was right on top of everything to make sure both the buying and selling transactions went as smoothly and as coordinated  as possible. From being a strong negotiator on our behalf when purchasing our new house, to helping us get our house ready to sell, and proactively ensuring we didn’t encounter any surprises in the selling process, Aliza guided us through (what should have been a much more stressful experience) with intelligence, knowledge and humor. We are sure Aliza spent more hours and made more phone calls, texts and emails on our behalf than we’ll ever be aware of, and yet she still always knew when to come by with a cup of coffee and an ear when we needed it. Aliza was such a pleasure to work with, and we’d strongly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home.